Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back at it photo dump

If you have been reading my blog you know that I recently got back on the wagon, or as my bloggy boo said I let this recent eating debacle be a comma on my journey... I have been back in the gym and hitting it hard. I still don't have the courage to face the she devil, but Im making better choices and working out so when I do face her I will not be mad. plus I can feel it in my clothes that Im not where I was and I would rather not give myself any ammunition to give up (I know me)... Anywho here is a little recap of what has been going on.

This was today's workout. I miss seeing 6-900 calories burned on cardio days. I was running then and maybe all that going hard is how I bruised my hip to begin with lol...

Sunday the Mr and I went to brunch AFTER we went to the gym!!!... Gosh I love this man 

SOOOOOO if anyone knows how my phone did this please tell me because I dont have a clue!!!! but I think its awesome!... Saturday the Mr sung background at a church concert. I was so proud! He has that towel because there was no air and I promise it was no less than 100 degrees in the church.

Yall know he hates pictures but I DO NOT!!!!


I believe this was Thursdays workout

 Here is wednesdays workout. 

SO see I am back in the saddle. There were a couple other workouts but I was looking too much of a hot mess. you know like not even "wow she worked out hard" but like "now she know she don't need to post that picture" LMBO!!!!


  1. FANTASTIC!!! You are back and in it to win, girl! I absolutely love that you are taking precautions like not looking at the scale right now. That is brilliant. So many times we do the things that we already know in our hearts will cause us to fail. You are sooo wise to be preventative and to do health and fitness the way will work best for YOU!
    I was cracking up at the "she-devil" comment. I know I've totally thought that the scale was an evil wench.
    We'll just focus on getting your running back on and poppin' and all of the other things like clothes fitting better and the scale moving down will fall into place. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU that you are cleared to get back to exercising the way that you like to. :) :) :)
    Thanks for the shout out Boo! I'm pumped to see you progress and get your sweat on.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog!!!
    I will be running another promo at the end of the month :) :)

    Keep working out, you are doing great!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Thank you!!! Please keep me posted. Thanks for reading.


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