Thursday, July 11, 2013

Here I go again... Relapse

WTH have I been doing? EATING EVERYTHING.

 I'm not really sure what got me in my fat girl funk but after reading my Bloggy boo's guest post repeatedly I am rejuvenated. I also stalked Joi's page and really looked at her pics (how is her hair always so flawless lol) and thought about how far away I am from really wearing a bathing suit and believe me it helped.

I thought of all the excuses that I could type (stress, emotions, unable to workout, new job, guilt from leaving old job) to justify my behavior but really there is none. Not one excuse that will make my ring no longer sliding on my finger, pants being too tight, and being embarrassed and pulling on my shirt any better.

I promised myself I would be as transparent as possible n this blog and there it is. I am FAILING. However I do not have to continue to fail. I do not have to keep eating everything. I'm disgusted with myself for having to start over YET AGAIN. Its very embarrassing to have to tell you guys that I have essentially relapsed... again, The only way I can stop starting over is to not stop.

I will not be waiting until Monday I WILL be starting again in the morning. I really have no excuse. My daughter is not here so working out before work will be simple. Sleeping is not helping me lose weight anyway... So here is to tomorrow yet another new beginning...

Yea Im avoiding it for now...

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  1. Hey Boo! It happens to the best of us. If it is any concellation, I've fallen off of the wagon a trazillion times before this last weight loss effort stuck.
    You are wise to start soon instead of waiting for Monday. You are getting rid of the excuses. And when you get rid of the excuses is when you start producing results.
    I still have slip ups but I let them be a comma in my weight loss journey not a full stop. You are at a comma, girl. Let's get this gravy train back on track. This last time that I had a two day binge fest I gained four pounds. For a little while I was super upset with myself and my old fat mind was trying to tell me to just give up and start binging and skipping workouts. I had to tell myself, "No amount of crying, whinning, guilt, or being angry with myself is going to rectify the situation. The ONLY thing that will get me to my goal is dusting myself off and trying again."
    You are a fox in progress. Don't even let these past few weeks be anything more than a learning processes. Here in a couple of weeks when you've been back in the saddle you will feel awesome and you will be at a better state of health. This very moment will be a tiny glitch in your past. We have 4 solid months to get you moving and grooving. MILF status is our's! *hugs*


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