Sunday, July 21, 2013

How Nelly got me through....

Baby your a song that makes me wanna roll my window down and CRUUUIIIISSSEEE... So this is so heavy on my playlist right now. This song is by FLorida Georgia Line and the remix includes Nelly!!! #eyecandymoment

So as I was giving up on the elliptical this song comes on. Im still about to give up because Toyalicious AKA my inner big girl was saying "get on off this machine and go eat" then Nelly says:

My windows down, my seats back,
My music up, and we ride.
Her legs up on my dashboard,
And it's just the way I like.
Hey, country girl, this country boy
Like everything about you.
Don't change a thing, no way.
You stay the same, I got you.
I like saw that, all that,
Head to toe you all that.
Tell ol' boy he call back,
Send a text say, "Fall back" 'cause
I can see you got a thing for the fast life.
So come on, shawty, let me show you what the fast like.
Whipping 'cross the border, Florida into Georgia.

'Cause, baby, you a song
And you make me wanna roll my, roll my, roll my, r-r-r-roll.

Then something in me says ok Toya you want your legs up (read the lyrics ppl LOL) you cant be all sloppy with ten million dimples of cellulite so KEEP. GOING. Thats exactly what I did and even out the song on repeat. 

Sometimes you have to pull determination from anywhere and on this particular cardio day it was Nelly talking about cruising with a girl that I assume looks like Ashanti LOL and she is fit too so I had to keep going!!!!

Whats on your playlist?


  1. His drop down and get your eagle on song makes me go hard in the gym lol.

  2. I love this song and especially FGL!!!!
    Sometimes it is the little things that keep pushing us!!!
    You go girl!!! :)

    1. Sometimes it smaller than the little things!!! LOL... I had never heard of them until my boo came home singing this song VERY loudly LOL

  3. GURRRRRLLLLL! You know I am a HUGE fan of motivating music. I hope you send Nellie a photo of yourself in a few months saying, "POW! I look FYNE because of your song."
    Lose Control- by Missy Elliot is a song that can get me moving when I just want to stop.
    I was cracking up when you mentioned ten million dimples of cellulite!hahaha Because I know that is a huge motivator for me too. I gotta get that hail damage fixed. And the only way to do that is to go hard. :)

  4. That eye candy is def enough to get me motivated to burn some calories! LOL That's why I love doing Zumba so much...all that booty shaking and fun music. haha I tried the elliptical once and lasted all of about 3 minutes...SMH!


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