Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My top three must reads!!!!

Hey hey!!! I wanted to use this post to celebrate three women whose blog I read religiously!!! Sure I read the mega blogs like Mama Laughlin, and The Stanfield clan but they get a billion shout outs a day I want to celebrate three women who may be unknown to you...

1. My Bloggy Bestie Veronica: She is my very first blog friend! She is amazing! She blogs mostly about her weight loss but she throws other things in as well. She has an amazing story of surviving an eating disorder and I feel so honored that she shared part of her struggle here as my very FIRST guest Poster. Her daughter is sooo cute and each time she post a pic I secretly get baby fever!!!

2. None other than the coolest pharmacist I "know" JOI!!!!! First let me say what I dont like. I dont like that she works out all the time and her hair is ALWAYS FABULOUS LOL!!!!! JK... She is another lady that I read on a regular even if I dont comment Im reading. She blogs about fitness, body pump is one of her favorites. She even works out on vaca!!! LOL

A. Joi Jones

3. My sorority sister Karin has a blog called Anywhere the Wind Blows. Reading this blog/stalking her life however you chose to look at it has given me a whole different respect for her life and her travels. She writes about the various cities she lives in as a traveling nurse and thats great but my FAVORITE part of her blog is Tuesday where she writes a short stories and poems. Sometimes she gets lazy and does a simple Haiku (LOL) but even they are filled with some type of emotion. Reading her blog makes me wish we were closer in school but we never know where the wind may blow next so all is not lost.

Shopping in Georgetown!

Im sticking with a top three because this could go on and on... I may even do a feature like this monthly Im not sure yet. Hopefully you will check these ladies out!!


  1. Thank you for the S/O, seems my only posting good hair day pictures is working, lol. If I posted right now, you'd love me more...this head looks a fool :)

    I LOVE your beastie too. She is amazing & 1 of the few bloggers I follow that blog about being a Christian. Her posts are always refreshing.

    I'll check Karen out soon!

    1. haha "This head looks a fool" Joi, you know I love that you keep it real! But you can have a messy hair day because people aren't lookin' at your hair Boo boo. They are lookin at your killer bod!

  2. I'll have to check these blogs out!!!

  3. AWWWWWW!!! You are so sweet, Mama T/BESTIE! I got on Bloglovin this morning and say a pic of me and I was like, "Did I post a blog last night?"haha
    Thank you for using that pic. It's actually one of my current favs.
    You are super for giving me a shout out. You know you are one of my bloggy favs as well. One day when we are super rich(from doing what I don't know? winning the lottery perhaps) we will have to meet up. I just know that we'd have a blast.
    LOVE YA GIRL! :)

  4. I'll have to check these blogs out!! Very sweet post :)

  5. Oh this was so sweet of you!! I am honored for my shout out! It means so much to me that you keep up with my Tuesdays! I promise to try to limit my Haikus lol. I wish we were closer in undergrad too! We had so much silly drama taking up our lives but if we were in the same city now I bet we'd be damn near besties! I will check out these other two blogs! Love ya soror!


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