Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cake Cake Cake!!!!!!

Another task from the never ending list is DONE!!!!! We went to two different tastings. They were very different. One guy really made me want to give him my money. He was personable, animated, and just fun! Sorry I didn't get pics of that #badblogger.... The second lady was late, and seemed very disinterested. Her tasting set up was nice though.

This is water LOL

Yall know he hates pics

The first guy actually gave us two cakes to take home and "taste and enjoy with yur family" Again his customer service was SUPERB!!!! We decided to go with little Ms Disinterested. We did this because her cakes were cheaper and tasted better. Lord help me if she doesn't perk up when we give her this deposit LOL....

In other news I received my first piece of mail with my soon to be last name and wanted to share. It was from a friend of mine who is also in the midst if wedding planning. She said that she had recently gotten mail with her future name and felt a certain way and wanted to share the feeling I'm so glad she did!!!!


  1. YUMMMMM!!!! I'll be sending you my mailing address where you can send a packaged portion of the two cakes the first baker sent you home with. ;)
    I LOVED the cake tasting portion of my wedding and my bestie's wedding when I was MOH.
    For the amount that cakes cost these days Ms.Disinterested better get interested real fast. If I'm gonna pay someone the amount that cakes run then they better have a smile and a tap dance ready everytime I see them.

  2. Love the song and this made me more than a bit hungry! Fun, fun, fun! Almost there. I bet that mail was all tingly, lol.

  3. Glad you found your cake. Can't wait to taste it!!


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