Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I have a third grader!!!!!

Time really flies... it seems like yesterday I was telling my mom I was preggers and she was less than pleased HA! In her defense I was 19, scared, unemployed, in college, and had NO PLAN!!! However I truly believe that God never makes a mistake and I had my angel right when I was supposed to. If you know me than you know I refer to my mini me as the hip-hop that saved my life. (This is a reference to a song by Lupe Fiasco ... you should check it out I LOVE IT!!! )

People give us young moms (am I still a young mom? LOL) or us who started our parenting journey early a bad rep but we are not all bad or dumb. We are all not triflin and living off the government, and allowing grandma to raise our kids, we just started young! It is really sad that some older people look down and judge our age when really they should be asking if we need a baby sitter to go to class, and finish our education. Anyway that is not the focus of this post...*climbs off soap box*

If you read my blog you know that I am now engaged and have been a single parent all her life. I cannot count the fears or tears but God is real and He has kept us thus far. It has not always been easy and I question my parenting daily, suffer from  mommy guilt, and the whole 9. Still my child is happy, healthy and in the THIRD grade!!!!

That's my girl!!!


  1. Being a single mom is hard, I know but you did it pretty well!


  2. I give single parents many many props!!! Just trying to Eliana ready and out the door for church on Sunday by myself is hassle enough. I can't image the taks of raising a child by myself. It seems you've done a fantastic job so far and now God has sent you a helper/fiance. :)


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