Sunday, August 4, 2013

Zahiyah's Pageant!!!!!

I have no real words for this post sooooo enjoy the pics of my baby in her third pageant... 
There were two other trophies in the car #proudmom

Accepting and award for "Spirit of America" meaning she entered 5 or more optional categories

Personal introduction

Now this is everything!!!! My dad escorted me in the same pageant once!!!!!

My two favorite people

My mommy (her TWA) and my neice!!!!

My dad looks like a giant LOL


  1. How fun!! What a beauty. That is a sweet tradition your family is making with the pageants.
    P.S. how is it that your mama looks my age?!?!

  2. She's grown up so much! She's so cute and that yellow dress was everything and some! But I'm a little bias since yellow is my favorite color! Z was working it!


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