Monday, September 2, 2013

My Vows... Gotta love me

If you have keeping up with me you know my weight is a struggle. Along with my health issues, and my hip issues I have been losing motivation because of the gain. Then I read this post by my Bloggy bestie about her renewing her fitness vos and I thought Heck yea that is just what I need (although I do need to be working on my love vows too).

I Toya promise to love and honor myself even if I do not like the number on the scale, and since I dont like that number I will work to change it. This work includes:

  • Drinking no less than 80oz of water daily
  • Eating baked, lean meat (if you know me you know I love anything fried)
  • Including protein at every meal
  • Staying away from all the things I love (pizza, cheeseburgers, fries) 6 out of the 7 days weekly
  • Not overindulging in my love foods on the 7th day
  • Working out no less than 5 days a week
  • Limiting alcohol consumption to 1 weekend night per week 
  • Celebrating the small victories with something other than food
There you have it. I promise to me to do everything possible to keep these vows to myself. I am a better mom, fiance, and employer when I am taking care of me. I have to create a balance and it restarts today!!!!

*How do you stay motivated? How will you stay on track for the holiday?


  1. Good luck. I have given up the fried foods and that was the easiest to give up. I grill my meat now or bake it taste just as good. I just have to do better with moving more.

    1. Thanks for reading!!!! Girl me too. Its like my hip got hurt I couldnt run so I just gave up! LOL

  2. Love it! I like "I Toya promise to love and honor myself even if I do not like the number on the scale". I soooo needed to hear that today. I gotta love me...all of me even if that me is up on the scale.
    We don't have to be perfect but we deserve to give our best. I know I am a better wife, mom, and coworker when I am feeling good about myself.
    We got this BBFF!

  3. Good plan! I like how you've given yourself some very manageable goals. You have made a good plan that you'll be able to stick to because you're not taking an all-or-nothing approach. Way to go and good luck!


  4. What a great vow! It is so important to love ourselves. Just remember you are worth it all.

    1. Thanks for reading. Holding on to the worth after a fail is hard but I just have to keep pushing!!!

  5. If anyone wanted to be fit and fine then the water is one of the best way to reduce the fat and tone up the muscles, condition is that in what way you are taking water. If simple water, it will help but in very minute result can be seen, if taking water with supplement which is also known as additional food stuff it will enhance you muscles growth as well as it will reduces the fat which is present in the body.


    1. Wow thanks for reading!!!! Hope you will stick around. Maybe even consider guest posting I like the make perspective.


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