Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wedding... Another list!!!! lol

When I tell you this wedding thing is in full motion and my checkbook is screaming it is not a game!!! Word of advice... GO TO VEGAS, or do the destination thing. One day soon I will do a post of the friendship issues I have had as well as the cost... This however is not that post...

So you know those thousand and one wedding checklist.... I even posted one here. There is a tineline for EVERYTHING.  What I couldn't find was a checklist of the extra stuff you need things that may go forgotten and then you run out of money and you are scrambling LOL... So in true ocd/super blogger fashion I made my own

Toasting glasses
Card box/wishing well
Cake cutters
Cake topper
Sand set (I have a unity candle phobia)
Rose petals
Table cloth for table at the ceremony that will hold the broom
Grooms gift
Isle runner
Flower girl baskets
Tule and other decor

LOL!!!!!! So you see I though I had a handle on it and nope I didn't!

Hope this helps someone.Oh and if you see something I missed please please please LET ME KNOW.

*Did you make a to do list?
*Did you forget anything on your big day/ sister's day?


  1. A list is good. My wedding day looked like a couple thousands only spent 1500 bucks total. I got friends to do things because I didn't have any money and they did it. I took a chance on people who didn't have clientele or was just starting out and it paid off big big big time.

    1. WOW!!!!!! Thats awesome. I have definitly enlisted the help of friends. I should have done that. The money is a huge issue. But I have learned to consider what I must have vs what I CANNOT afford! LOL

  2. It will all come together, Boo! You'll see. If it makes you feel better I forgot Cole's wedding band on the day of. I took off one of my rings and out it on his finger. No one but the preacher could really see what happened. The preacher nearly lost it from trying not to laugh. Its a fun story now. :)

  3. I use a checklist to make things simpler and more productive. Your to-do list look good.

  4. I utilize an agenda to make things more straightforward and more beneficial. Your to-do is better for read.escortsinmanchester


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