Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bridal Shower...Great times with Great Friends

So I am trying to get back into my blogging groove and thought I would start with my wedding Shower!!!!! It was thrown by my fabulous Maid of Honor/Sister/Soulmate no homo/Soror Alisha, and my sister/friend/soror Meyoshia!!!!

Why did I feel the need to be so super sexy? Because I was feeling really down about the wedding, finances, and of course my weight!!! My grandmother always said when you feel your worse you need to LOOK your best. So that is what I did...

I have also been realizing things about friendships along this whole wedding planning journey and I'm sure I will be able to get a few good post from that as well. Out of the over 25 invitations that were sent 7 people RSVP this includes local family. Needless to say I was slightly hurt but my friend told me that God works in mysterious ways, and had all those people came the fellowship may not have been as nice and boy was she right. Technically I had three guest but there were more people there because I had two people giving the shower, me, mini me, and my little sister.

Im usually not very emotional and huggy (in real life before the engagement) so Meyoshia was stunned to say the least! LOL

This is my friend/soror Raquetta and whew I didnt realize how much I missed her until I saw her!!! she is EVERYTHING and the shower would not have been the same without her.

Prior to the games starting we were just hanging out... then they whipped out the Bridal Gift Bingo and things got seriously "up in here" very quickly LOL.... My mom was stealing answers and hiding her own answers it was agreat time!!!!

My sister outdid herself with the food. She knows me so well and she had LEMON PEPPER wings!!! Yaaay

Look at my mommy rockin her TWA (teeny weeny afro) she recently went natural!...Im a Zeta and they caught me right in the middle of reliving the good ole days LOL..

My cousin made a guest appearance as she was just coming in from out of town.

I love this bag!!!!

Cochea and I have had many ups and downs but she was there when some of my long time friends and even family members were not. She is getting married I believe 20 days after I say I Do... Without her support IDK what I would have done. Side note she lost crazy weight (like 30-40 pounds) juicing. I need to see if she will do a guest post. She is very disciplined and determined. From high school, to college, to down the isle. Im so excited that we were able to mature and fall into an amazing friendship!

Me and mini me!!! 

The newest addition to my family, Cassandra!!!!

People often say "blood is thicker then water" meaning that you should chose your family over your friends, or that family will treat you better than friends. However this is not my experience. My friends have been there for me when I was getting on my own nerves. Keeping my daughter so I could go to class (when my aunt said no), or keeping her while I went to step practice, and even entertained her during step practice. We have no say so about the family we are born into but we chose our friends.  I'm so blessed and grateful that the my friends chose me! I wouldn't trade these ladies for anything in the world.

My Sister, Me, My Friend


  1. Love the dress girl my friends do more for me than my family the few that I have left I know first hand how precious that is. Glad you had fun and I love smaller get togethers you have so much more fun.

    1. Thanks Kita. It really was a great time! Im glad someone else has great friends... they come in handy!

  2. What a wonderful celebration! I'm glad you had your girls to be there for you. I agree that sometimes friends are closer than family!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time. You looked fantastic. Many blessings to you.

  4. Toya it was really interesting reading about all of the people in your life. You are truly blessed with these ladies you can call your sisters. I feel similarly, that blood may not ALWAYS be thicker than water unfortunately but all things happen for a reason. You looked fantastic in that dress! Now go enjoy your weekend xo

    p.s. Your Mom is TOO adorable :)

  5. Your shower looked like it was so much fun! I miss all of my sorors! And you looked amazing in that dress! Can't wait to read about the wedding!


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