Monday, October 21, 2013

Wedding List Updated!!!!

Where has this girl been????? Planning this wedding thats where! LOL If anyone is still reading I miss you all, and promise I have been trying to play cartch up and comment when I can... So remeber my post about the to do list? Then I updated it again here? Well I decided not to keep listing the whole thing but to only list what Im lacking and here it is.... With the wedding what 40 days away I still have quite a bit to do LOL!!! Thanks for sticking in there with me, and since work is a little light today I will try to do some visiting!!!!

To Do or BUY
Cake topper
Find garter
Clutch for bride
Make day-of emergency kit
Going away outfit (maybe)
Dress fitting (HA I don’t even have a dress)- I do now and the fitting is 11/2/2013
Put together picture list for photographer- this is done I just need to send it to her

Get marriage license- cant be done until 30 days prior to the wedding
Honeymoon shopping
Book transportation for wedding party (this is for the Mr.)
Gift for the groom- taking suggestions LOL
Book rehearsal dinner location
Order thank you notes
Tips and thank you notes for vendors


Flip flops or nice flats


  1. Lawd this looks like a lot lol we just did a program for a wedding that is happening on January 1st where its a magazine/program with info in it about the bride bridesmaid it was so cute. Good luck to you and I know it will be a beautiful day

    1. Oh wow!!!! I originally wanted that then I had to rethink my budget. Lol!!! Its coming along... Thanks

  2. Super exciting! I can't believe how close it is. The months have flown by. You're gonna be a MRS. soon!!!!


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