Monday, November 4, 2013

The Healthy Struggle!!!!!

How is it November already... That means soon I will be Mrs. Gilyard!!!!! This post is not about that though LOL!

I was reading a friend of mines blog and she speaking about the struggles with being healthy. After reading I thought WOW what a great topic. Often we hear people complain about being healthy and the cost and other constraints and then we see those who have it mastered saying suck it up it can be done. Well this post is... eh... just keep reading... lol

Let me start with the hair!!!- I am a African American female and my hair is a beast when it is untamed. I personally get relaxers because I am too lazy to deal with my hair in its natural state and I do not like the curly look for ME. I have friends who are natural and I love it. It is just not for me. Surprisingly I have not had a relaxer all year. Mainly because I have been wearing a sew in so that I can work out and still look presentable. Joi wrote a post that you can read here that sums up this challenge better than I can so check it out.

The cost- I have seen this argued both ways but society makes it so easy for us to drive through the drive through rather cheaply and conveniently all the while we are gaining weight. The salads I get through the drive though are usually dull and browning and look nothing like the advertising picture. What is your experience? Have you ever gone to the grocery store to buy salad fixings? You can really spend a pretty penny... Oh and why is a gym membership with child care so freaking expensive?!!?!? UGGGHHHH

The time factor- I am not an early riser. I have tried desperately to be a part of the 5am club and it is just not for me. I am able to do it occasionally but I love to sleep, and is it just my bed or does it feel better right when it is time to get up for work? After work is good for me if I leave on time but if I leave even a little late my schedule is thrown I'm stuck in traffic and then EVERYTHING is behind... between dinner, homework, cleaning, and actually getting home it seems like time just gets away from me.

So what is a girl to do? The truth? Be fat and unhappy or suck it up and make changes. I'm happily engaged and my boo doesn't mind my hair in a ponytail in between sew ins because I'm in a better mood when I work out. Life is expensive and I'm happier when the scale is going down so buying food at the store and not from the drive through is just what I have to do. I have to make time for what I want. That's what we do anyway. Girls night, game night, soccer, whatever it is if we want to do it we make time for it. So in short yes it sucks it is uncomfortable but the outcomes are so worth it!!! Happy Monday Folks!!!!


  1. It's sad that fast food is cheaper than fruits or veggies. I am relaxed because my hair looks horrible natural and I don't have the time or energy to keep up with it and style it correctly so I am shunned its okay lol

    1. LOL we women are alwyas shunning one another for something it seems lol!!!! I will be relaxed as soon as I am over the sew in stages because like you I cannot deal with my natural hair!!!

  2. Great post and really realistic. It's not all sunshine and rainbows that's for sure or else everybody wouldn't be struggling. Even those that make it look "easy" know the truth.

    1. EXACTLY!!!! Even though they love making it appear as if it were the eaisest thing in the world!!!!


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