Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My 100th Post! Lets Recap!!

For my 100th post I got a blog makeover!!!! Hubby Jack is seriously the best ever. Very easy to work with, super polite, just great!!!!  This man is everything!!! If you dont read his blog at least let him Pimp yours LOL... I noticed that I have some new members so...Allow me to reintroduce myself I’m Toya. (faithful readers just enjoy the pictures and the recap LOL) I cuss, I cry and Im not perfect. I enjoy anything funny, wine, my family, wine, wellness, oh and recently Jack and Cokes...
Me with my specs on

 I have been blogging for a while now but when this blog started it was more like an online journal. It was a place to put my feelings outside of Twitter

 I was in a bad head space and those early post reflect that. Then as it always will things got better. I fell into the pattern of being in a different city and having less support with my mini me and we were making it work.

This picture is from a road trip but I love the bathroom selfie HA

 Enter the Mr. He has been amazeballs for my mini me and myself.

 He decided he would stick around and were getting married. (Bring it on Bridezilla LOL Im joking, a little) Thus a family in the making... and because its the only picture of all three of us thats not from phone
Since life changed the direction of this blog changed as Im sure it will do continuously. I am no longer hoping for a happy ending Im living it. Now lets not be foolish, my daughter drives me nuts, the Mr. leaves the toilet seat up, I yell, and Im sure they often think Im bat shit crazy but eh we are happy.
With the wedding in November that gave me an excuse to put my but into high gear and take this weight loss seriously. To date I have lost 24 pounds, and I set my goal at losing 70. when I hit a plateau I juice my way through. It really works. You can read more about my battle with the scale here.  I religiously read Mama Laughlin, Holly's blog, and my bloggy bff's blog V Watts thoughts. These ladies are fabulous and soooo inspiring. There are others that I stalk but you can check out the side bar.
Sorry... I had stopped taking frontal pics because I was so embarrased... and apparently combing my hair LOL
Every Monday I do a weigh in or at least acknowledge that Im avoiding the scale like the plague.
Im in wedding planning mode finally so Im sure I will be posting about that. You can read more about the engagement if you like. Then I came up with the idea to do Wellness Wednesday. You can get the back story on that idea here. All in between I post about the randomness that is my life, and I have been joining more link ups lately as well.
I think this about sums it all up. So new readers and old welcome, and this post just brought you up to speed! LOL.
Have no fear Wellness Wednesday will return next week!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday- Weigh in- Link up

Weekend oh weekend where art thou... Ok peeps It is Monday.. am I not always typing that? Well I suck. I got comfortable and ate like a crazy person this weekend. My only saving grace is that I have really allowed myself to enjoy the gym and I crave it (at least three days a week, the other days I go its a pure struggle). I went to Chattanooga for wedding stuff, and ate like a mad man, and drink liquor like I was being paid... WTH happened to all that water. SMH. Again I rocked it in the gym so the damage was minimal. I only lost one pound making my new stats:

SW 220
CW 196
GW- Im thinking 150
Total lost -24 pounds
Total lost in challenge- 15 pounds!!!!
I know I should be proud but if I had stayed on program this weekend what would I be typing instead? Oh well its a new week and another chance to get it right! I have a meeting with my bridesmaid this weekend and Im moving tomorow so busy is an understatment. Looks like those at home workouts from Pintrest will come in handy...Now for your viewing pleasure here are some random pics from my phone!
Me at work today wishing it was Friday again

My number 1 guy... this is my Father he had just come back from a party with my mom

Me with my this picture I totally see some weight loss

Him wondering why I have a light (the flash) in his face

My boo is so supportive he totally went to the gym with me with NO music!

A little before and after... I always look beat up after the gym... My sunglasses kept sliding off and I didn't want to bother with them on the way home.
Well thats it for now... how did you all do? Whats new. Some things will be changing around here soon and I really hope you stick around for them!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

NSV Link Up

Another week of linking up with my Katie and Lex! Often we get toooooo caught up in the number on the scale. Or is that just me? Eh either way this is a time to focus on the positive. You know not the crap or the fat that weighing us all down. I digress...
My victory is short and sweet this week. I was able to complete an arm workout with my fiance. When I tell you all my strength is in my legs I am not kidding. I can squat, lunge, and all the other leg stuff but you ask me to bench press something and I am running for the hills!
Tuesday we decided to reintroduce weight training after a major cardio overload, because you know you have to do both, and since my goal is to lose 70-80 pounds I have a phobia of the dreaded skin so we hit the weights. I was able to complete 7 different upper body stations with no less than 35 pounds, and I did 3 sets of 8 on each station/machine. Im not to fancy in the gym yet and I dont know all the names MY BAD LOL... I did notice that on the machines that work your back (possibly called a lat pull down and/or a row) I was able to really increase the weight I was doing like 70 Woot Woot. So thats my victory.
How did you ladies do?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wellness Wednesday- Change

Change. In its most basic definition means to make different. This is such a small word but so many of us find it extremely hard to do. Part of being happy and healthy is all about making changes or doing something different. My favorite intervention to do when people come to me with the goal of "being happy" (after they define happiness) is to have them identify what is stopping them from being happy. Usually they give me more vague terms like oh I am "sad" or "things just keep happening" my personal struggle "Im not happy with my weight." Just as they are expecting something life shaking from the therapist I simply ask "What are you willing to change to get the results you seek?"

Im usually met with a look of confusion and Ive often been asked "isnt that why I see you."  The joys of my job LOL but in all seriousness the key to most things is change. Lets see... If you are overweight, in a bad relationship, unhappy, even schizophrenic (wellness post coming soon) some form of change can improve all these circumstances.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting different results. Life is hard I believe it was designed that way unless you are Blue Ivey or some other mega millionaire baby and even then there will be some struggles just not the financial kind. It is always easier said then done to make changes and that is why I encourage you to start small. Set realistic goals that have an end date. Do not set yourself up for failure. If you do not have a high school diploma then the goal of obtaining a doctorate degree in three years is not for you.

Figure out what your road blocks are then move them out of your way. Or be stuck in your current situation and make no progress. Progress is a journey and you wont wake up overnight and see the results you want, and even I have to remind myself of this daily. Still small steps are steps in a different direction from where you are now hopefully toward your end goal or your ideal of happiness.

What will you change today?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Management- Biggest Loser

Its Monday and since I was off today I am on a FANTASTIC mood!!! Let me say that I have been hella productive today. *thinks that I want to be a SAHM ok back to my reality* I tip my hat to you ladies because I have heard "mom" 10000000 times today and Im in no hurry to keep hearing it. JUDGE ME!!!! LOL We are moving and I have packed my lil ole apartment up in almost one day. Only thing out are essential DVDS, hygiene stuff, and that dam kitchen is taunting me, I never knew how much I stuff I had until I tried to pack it up... Here is a little sneak peak at my boxes because Im sure looking at boxes is fascinating LOL

Ok let me get to the real reason you all are here. The Biggest Loser link up... 

Well *drum roll* I AM IN ONEDERLAND!!!!!!!!! Ladies with tears in my eyes as I saw this I said "Babe I need my phone I gotta take a picture for my blog"- He is used to this by now but when he saw my face he was concerned. SOOOOO I hopped back on and we saw this:

This brings my stats to- SW 220
             CW 197
GW- Im thinking 150
Total lost -23 pounds
Total lost in challenge- 14 pounds!!!!!!!

While this is very exciting I see no change in my body when I look in the mirror. Recently my fiance told me that my self proclaimed "sexy big girl pants" were too big and I though SMH these fit.... ummm Lets see how wrong I was...
Yep I have both my arms in my pants

Being silly

I posted these pictures on Instagram but looking at them now.... Speechless. Ok I'm no idiot I recognize that 20 plus pounds is a lot but honestly when I look in the mirror I see the old Toya with the 20 plus pounds. I only see the work that needs to be done. So its important to revel in the progress or it will get discouraging. Always remember that one pound loss per week will eventually add up. Who would have thought I would be down 14 pounds since Jan 1, 2013? Not me. But I am.... What works FOR ME: WATER WATER WATER and I am no water fan but when I guzzle it to the point that I think I will float away the scale gods smile on me. Low carb, I have PCOS and my body craves potatoes like it is heroin but I know that it will only allow the scale to go UP no matter what time of day. I use meal replacement shakes. I know there is often controversy behind this and the amount of calories and needing more calories but this is what works for me. Also WORKING OUT. I DO NOT have the body type that can simply eat right and there will be a lost I have tried that. Been to the weight watchers meetings paid the money and counted the points. While I do think they are on to something with the points I just have to exercise to see results. I have to move my ass!!!!.... And because he is my best friend, my support, my shoulder to cry on, my love, my babys new daddy LOL, my ROCK I thought Id leave you with this silly picture!!!

We were on our way to church my mom said hey let me get a picture and this is what she got... not planned I promise! LOL

Thursday, February 14, 2013

NSV Link up

On this great LOVE DAY I’m linking up with the fabulous Katie J and Lex for NSV Thursday. Often when we are on our on a weight loss journey we get too hung up on the numbers that stare back at us when we step on the scale. We forget to celebrate the small things so this post is important.

My first victory is I did NOT weight this week. I will be honest (because its MY blog and I can) I was starting to obsess with the number like weighing daily. How unhealthy for me is that. Notice I say for me do what works for you. Anyway so I put the scale away, and she is not coming out until Monday when I weigh in for biggest loser.
My second victory is this:
If you follow my instagram then you know about these pants if not here is the scoop: Three months ago I was literally stuffing myself into these pants. I was in total denial about the weight I had gained and simply refused to buy a bigger size. I kept telling myself it didn’t look that bad. UMMMM the hell, can we say muffin top extraordinaire. The waist line used to dig into my stomach to the point that it hurt and left ugly marks on my skin, and now look at all that room.
Now had I been focusing on that she devil (the scale) I may have missed this. It is important to remember to enjoy the good parts about the weight loss journey because we all know there are so many bad parts. Enjoy the small victories along the way!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wellness Wednesday!

Its Wednesday hell yea Friday is around the corner!!!
I’ve been thinking about my blog, design, post, content, readership, and such a lot lately. Of course it would be great to have a billion readers and have people send me things for free to try but I’m thinking maybe that’s not me. Or at least not now. Some one left an anonymous comment noting that wellness Wednesday would never get me readers and I say SUCK IT! I have to stay true to me so here it is…

Wellness is a term used to describe a healthy balance in the mind body and spirit. For the purpose of this post I want to talk about life balance.
 I HAVE NONE LOL. It seems something always suffers. I am a mother, therapist, fiancĂ©, sister, aunt, full time grad student, new gym rat, friend, and my commitments seem endless. I always feel like there is not enough time in the day as Im sure most women do.

So what do we do about that? How can I have it all? Or can we have it all? I  prioritize but it seems something is always neglected. For example at work, when I do all my treatment plans I forget about my discharge summaries. At home if I clean up the house, the laundry is either not done or not put away. Lets say Im just busting with energy (never) and Im on top of my game at work and at home, my school work suffers. How do we create that balance?...

Its different for everyone but here it what has started working for me…

1.       PRAY!!!- To God, brother rock, Buddha, Allah, Your Higher power, whomever helps you be a better you

2.       Accept that you can’t do it all *You mean Im not Super Woman in real life?*

3.       Take personal time outs- this is also known as gym/workout in the living room and hog the big TV  time

4.       Figure out what is important and put this at the TOP of the list- MY FAMILY

5.       Make a to do list- USE the to do list- on your phone, in your purse, on the fridge wherever

6.       Get a freakin schedule- now the real trick is sticking to it LOL

7.       If you are a procrastinator give yourself extra time- I seriously have like 4 alarms set because I like to lay there until the last possible minute

8.       Get some rest!!!

9.       DO NOT try to cram EVERYTHING into Saturday or you end up not feeling rested at all

10.   Delegate- let the boo, and the kiddos help out around the house, just know it wont be perfect

11.   Light Candles and drink Wine- on cheat day!

So there you have my personal Wellness plan. I make mistakes and don’t stick to it sometimes but these main things keep me from going postal and make others believe I have it all figured out. What about you?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Its Monday... Again

DAMNIT ITS MONDAY AGAIN!!!!!! LOL  where does the time go... Swear to you I was just leaving for the weekend. Anyway It has been hella crazy in my neck of the woods so excuse my absence. I know my followers have missed me so much. LOL I kid I kid... I mean anything that can go wrong has went wrong but my family and I made it through because God has a plan... Before I cry and get all holy let me keep it pushing.. Ok the highlight of the weekend was that my babe starred in the stage play Deception!!! Woot woot YOU GO BOY!!!! This was not the actual flyer just one of my faves because he is sooo silly!
Pastor Wes Morgan, gospel recording artist, and actor from the Tyler Perry play- Laugh to keep from crying- was also in the play. He was the actual headliner. For real yall my boo killed it! Im not even being biased. I listened to the crowd and they loved him!!! Since I was not wearing a my fiance is in the play shirt I have to assume they were being honest LOL!!!... Ok moving on...

My friend sells these shakes (plus supplements, pills, and a host of other stuff related to fitness and health) and I have been having them for breakfast. They are comparable to slim-fast but supposed to be better because they are from natural products blah blah... the point is they do curb my appetite and they taste good. In my book that is a WIN!!! Want more info her site is here. She does not know I blog and has no idea I just gave her a major plug LOL..

 I am not weighing in this week. Its not only TOM but I kinda fell stepped off the wagon a little bit. I had some pizza and one piece of cake. I actually felt bloated yesterday, today not so much. Either way Im not fooling with the she devil known as the scale. I actually like weighting every other week, and may just adopt that practice. I have a tendency to get so caught up on the numbers that I miss the fact that I didn't shimmy into my work pants this morning and they are not digging into my stomach because they are so tight. Or the fact that this weekend I wore jeans that around Thanksgiving I could not get above my thunder thighs! My clothes actually fit now. Im feeling really good about these black pants Im wearing today, sorry no pic I had the Monday blues and was running late! LOL.

Someone said "hmmm you looking a little thin" so Im all like yay plus I rolled my hair on flexi rollers and wanted to document the curls LOL!!!

Any way Happy Monday folks! Lets have a great week!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Management and Photo Dump


Its MONDAY again... Is it me or does Ms. Monday sneak and creep  around super quick? Seriously I was just packing up to leave my office for the weekend and yet here I sit for a whole new week....

 Oh well I must admit that I was highly disappointed last night with the 49ers losing however the Steelers fan in me was excited that they didn't tie us with 6 rings LOL!!! #STEELERNATION BABY!!!!...I just really didn't want the Ravens to win...

Now on to what you all want to know. How much weight did I lose. LOL! I must be the one pound queen because my weight this morning (after I used the bathroom of course) was 203. Womp Womp. which means in two weeks I lost one pound. To make that sound better...I am proud to say that for the month of January I went from 211 to 204 for a total loss for the month of 7 pounds!!!!! YAAAY That's not water weight folks because the weight has stayed off and I continue to torture myself and drink water. Im so close to onederland I can taste it. So my goal this week is to get there!!!! I finally moved up to Level 2 of JM30DS can we say my everything is sore!... Geesh.... Well here is a photo dump for those losers of you who dont follow my instagram!! Enjoy

My accountability calender. finally I worked out more days than not!!!

Im loving the new hair!! Finally I can go to the gym and sweat like a man and have no hair worries later

We got a little snow on Saturday but it was all good because I worked out at home.... the snow was gone by 3/4 anyway LOL.
Who doesn't love some good ole sweaty pics!
I was tired

Took a back shot so I could do a progression picture..... when there is some progression

Being silly after the gym

On my way to the gym, mad because I knew I was going to mess up my hair LOL

JM30S Level 2 for the first time... It was something serious!!!!

My family after the fiance performed at an open mic night


This is her new favorite pose LOL
That jacket is buttoned with NO girdle baby!!!!! Whoo hoo

My sexxy man!! Love him

LOL My shoes... Yea Im something like a shoe whore! LOL
Well there you have it... how was your weekend? Hows the weight loss? any new pics to share? Happy Monday!!!!


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