Thursday, July 25, 2013

Missing- an original poem

Missing… I’m not really sure what it is or how to find it
I’ve seem to have lost something along the way
Excuse me have you seen my… Sorry I don’t know what I’m searching for so you can’t really be of help I will just continue on my way.
It’s not your fault when I look sad and confused but something has left me feeling so used
I’m unsure what it is I seek
So I’m falling to my knees to pray because crying makes me feel so weak.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My top three must reads!!!!

Hey hey!!! I wanted to use this post to celebrate three women whose blog I read religiously!!! Sure I read the mega blogs like Mama Laughlin, and The Stanfield clan but they get a billion shout outs a day I want to celebrate three women who may be unknown to you...

1. My Bloggy Bestie Veronica: She is my very first blog friend! She is amazing! She blogs mostly about her weight loss but she throws other things in as well. She has an amazing story of surviving an eating disorder and I feel so honored that she shared part of her struggle here as my very FIRST guest Poster. Her daughter is sooo cute and each time she post a pic I secretly get baby fever!!!

2. None other than the coolest pharmacist I "know" JOI!!!!! First let me say what I dont like. I dont like that she works out all the time and her hair is ALWAYS FABULOUS LOL!!!!! JK... She is another lady that I read on a regular even if I dont comment Im reading. She blogs about fitness, body pump is one of her favorites. She even works out on vaca!!! LOL

A. Joi Jones

3. My sorority sister Karin has a blog called Anywhere the Wind Blows. Reading this blog/stalking her life however you chose to look at it has given me a whole different respect for her life and her travels. She writes about the various cities she lives in as a traveling nurse and thats great but my FAVORITE part of her blog is Tuesday where she writes a short stories and poems. Sometimes she gets lazy and does a simple Haiku (LOL) but even they are filled with some type of emotion. Reading her blog makes me wish we were closer in school but we never know where the wind may blow next so all is not lost.

Shopping in Georgetown!

Im sticking with a top three because this could go on and on... I may even do a feature like this monthly Im not sure yet. Hopefully you will check these ladies out!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

How Nelly got me through....

Baby your a song that makes me wanna roll my window down and CRUUUIIIISSSEEE... So this is so heavy on my playlist right now. This song is by FLorida Georgia Line and the remix includes Nelly!!! #eyecandymoment

So as I was giving up on the elliptical this song comes on. Im still about to give up because Toyalicious AKA my inner big girl was saying "get on off this machine and go eat" then Nelly says:

My windows down, my seats back,
My music up, and we ride.
Her legs up on my dashboard,
And it's just the way I like.
Hey, country girl, this country boy
Like everything about you.
Don't change a thing, no way.
You stay the same, I got you.
I like saw that, all that,
Head to toe you all that.
Tell ol' boy he call back,
Send a text say, "Fall back" 'cause
I can see you got a thing for the fast life.
So come on, shawty, let me show you what the fast like.
Whipping 'cross the border, Florida into Georgia.

'Cause, baby, you a song
And you make me wanna roll my, roll my, roll my, r-r-r-roll.

Then something in me says ok Toya you want your legs up (read the lyrics ppl LOL) you cant be all sloppy with ten million dimples of cellulite so KEEP. GOING. Thats exactly what I did and even out the song on repeat. 

Sometimes you have to pull determination from anywhere and on this particular cardio day it was Nelly talking about cruising with a girl that I assume looks like Ashanti LOL and she is fit too so I had to keep going!!!!

Whats on your playlist?

Friday, July 19, 2013


So I can officially mark Save the dates off my wedding to do list!!!!!! They are done. I only have a few people who failed to comply and send m,e their address  who need to have them mailed out but the bulk of it is DONE!!!! I used magnet street weddings for the magnets. I got the smaller magnets because they were cheaper. I adore them!!!! Oh by the way my photographer ROCKED!!!!! (M Brown Photography)

How great is it that this box matches my wedding binder LOL!!!

 They were packaged so nice!!!!

We also included these postcards from Staples. Sorry the flash didn't work the card is actually purple! LOL

We got an address stamp from Staples as well. MY wonderful Line Sister who is also a bridesmaid came over and helped me stuff the envelopes.... It really is all coming together. I refer to my list and tackle things the best way I can... but hey thats life right lol. Hope you have enjoyed your week!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Take A Picture Click Click!!!!!

Im in full wedding mode so here are a few of my fave engagement shots.... My photographer was amazing!!!! M Brown Photography If you are in Chattanooga or near by and you are not using her IDK what you are doing with your life!!!!.... There are a lot of pics yall sorry Im not sorry!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back at it photo dump

If you have been reading my blog you know that I recently got back on the wagon, or as my bloggy boo said I let this recent eating debacle be a comma on my journey... I have been back in the gym and hitting it hard. I still don't have the courage to face the she devil, but Im making better choices and working out so when I do face her I will not be mad. plus I can feel it in my clothes that Im not where I was and I would rather not give myself any ammunition to give up (I know me)... Anywho here is a little recap of what has been going on.

This was today's workout. I miss seeing 6-900 calories burned on cardio days. I was running then and maybe all that going hard is how I bruised my hip to begin with lol...

Sunday the Mr and I went to brunch AFTER we went to the gym!!!... Gosh I love this man 

SOOOOOO if anyone knows how my phone did this please tell me because I dont have a clue!!!! but I think its awesome!... Saturday the Mr sung background at a church concert. I was so proud! He has that towel because there was no air and I promise it was no less than 100 degrees in the church.

Yall know he hates pictures but I DO NOT!!!!


I believe this was Thursdays workout

 Here is wednesdays workout. 

SO see I am back in the saddle. There were a couple other workouts but I was looking too much of a hot mess. you know like not even "wow she worked out hard" but like "now she know she don't need to post that picture" LMBO!!!!

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