Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jumping The Broom!

Who would have ever guessed that I would fall in love with DIY? I'm not sure if its the thought of using a glue gun, saving money, or Hobby Lobby's 50% wedding items sale but I really enjoyed crafting for my wedding. I have never imagined my wedding without the "jumping of the broom." That is one tradition that I was really looking forward to. So the hunt was on. I scrolled through Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, my married friends boxes and even Pinterest searching for a broom. 
What I wanted was something simple, light and dark purple, and a hint of bling. I found some that were perfect but for 100 plus bucks I was like HEEEEECK NO LOL. I searched everywheere and the cheaper ones werent what I was looking for and it seemed like adding bling to a broom meant more bucks being removed from my checking account. Then it hit me DIY!!!!!!!! Once again my supplies come from Hobby Lobby who did not pay me nor do they have anything to do with this post.
Yep its the same blong from my wedding programs!
The flowers are from Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, Dollar Tree or maybe all three... I spent a lot of time in those stores so I am really not sure. They were in a bundle and I just pulled them apart.

I really wish I had a before picture of this broom. My husband bought it from Hobby Lobby in Detroit and there was a scarecrow attached. My hubby is not a blogger so before pics dont mean a lot to him... He spray painted the handle purple.

Wrapped it in ribbon...

Here are a few of the options I played around with.
Of course mini me helped, and she was very excited

We tinted the bristles purple just to be different LOL
This is the broom I jumped when I married my boo... I should start selling these things it was super fun to make!!



  1. Love the broom we did one too and ours was bought though in our color I didn't have time to do it ourselves next time I will put the time in

    1. Honestly girl I was SUPER budgeting so any corner that I could cut I did. I was just lucky that I really had fun with it.... Thanks for reading!


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