Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Dirty Little Secret

I decided that I wanted to start sharing some things from my wedding and my programs seemed like a great place to start.
I AM A SECRET CRAFTER YALL LOL... I have always wanted to do stuff like this and never thought I was creative or talented enough to do so had the time. Then with the never ending crunch to keep the wedding budget in check this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
Let me just say it was very fun. If you have been following my blog then you know Im not regularly a crafty person. I did try the ever popular family command center, and I created a
Wedding Planning Binder  but that is pretty much it. Then my friend suggested I make a fan. I was thinking have you seen me make anything? LOL It was very fun and super inexpensive.I got EVERYTHING from HOBBY LOBBY (and no they did not pay me nor do they have any thing to do with this post). So my friend typed the program up on Word, my then fiance and mini me took it to staples and had them print it on grey card stock (we got two programs on one piece of paper... #WINNING LOL). From there she cut them in half, we cut the four corners with cute scissors to create the design.
Karin as she helped cut the programs in half
The paper was then glued to a popsicle type stick to create the fan look.
 Finally we glued on the accessories.
I made the bows using  ribbon, that I purchased while the stuff was half off! I used dark purple and lavender to match the colors of the wedding.
If you know me you know I LOVE all things shiny and blinged out...Its kinda an obsession. That said my wedding programs would not have been complete without some Sparkle!!!! My husband got a huge tub of varying sized stones.
If I do say so myself they came out PERFECT!!!!.... well the ones that made it to the wedding did LOL. There were a few practice programs that shall remain unseen. My mini me helped with this task as well... not sure how she missed her photo opt LOL. There it is!!! Special thanks to my then fiance whom is now my HUSBAND as he glued some things together as well. After completing this project I was hooked on DIY. We even made the broom that we jumped (post coming soon).


  1. Girl I don't do the crafts but these turned out nice and very different.

    1. LOL!!! I usually dont either!!! It was super fun...and cheap though!


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