Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday and its March!!!!

I know, I know, Im such a bad blogger. Thats why you need to follow me on Instagram LOL!!! Well if you haven't figured it out by now when Im not blogging Im probably not working out much either. This has been true until recently when I hit rock bottom.

To sum it up I found myself angry at other's transformation pictures. Generally Im not a hater but I was really pissed. Which then lead to me being mad at me. Who am I to hate on someone who is working their but off...literally. I was so disgusted with myself I joined a gym despite having ended the previous membership to "save money" I decided it was needed to save me!!

If you all dont know Val get to know her. She is doing a weekly motivational, accountability email thing that is very helpful. I will be honest and say in Janurary I read the emails every Sunday got all motivated and by Tuesday was eating crap. However in Feburary I started to take them seriously, and lost 5 pounds. If I want my own transformation story I have to earn it. SO here I am... AGAIN recommitting.

This will not be easy but to stop feeling stuffed in my clothes I will do this. I will be taking measurements this time as I have learned that the scale does NOT account for inches lost. I have started March off with a bang and hope you have too!!!

I had to get the hubby involved because its easier when you have support

this was my first official day back on the wagon... it was rough

What keeps you motivated?


  1. Girl I can't even get on the bandwagon but so glad you have support. My hubs love big women for some reason he always teased me about how skinny I was but I know I gotta lose this weight asap. Good luck to you

    1. My hubs is slick a chubby chaser because he KEEPS FEEDING ME!!! LOL He knows I am not able to turn down food yet lol. I know what I want to look like and so Im really trying to put in the work. Thanks for reading!!!


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