Monday, September 29, 2014

6 Practical Reasons Marriage is Awesome!!

Married life definitely comes with ups and downs but I must say there are some things that you appreciate so much more if you are married. As I was thinking about some of the things my hubby and I have been through lately I came up with this fun list of things that makes marriage awesome.

1. Slumber parties with your best friend every night. I love getting into bed and just looking at him and being able to say ANYTHING and it is ok! Trust what happens on this blog (as real as I keep it)  is edited and I use my filter. After about 7pm the filter is broken and my husband listens to me and my thoughts with little to no judgement. I'm sure some nights he is like who did I marry again

2. The sex somehow gets better. Sex is also very important to taking care of your man.. Marinate on that!

me walking into the room      

3. You have a guaranteed partner in crime (spousal privilege lol). No seriously your spouse will go to the chick flick with you and you in turn will go to the sporting events. No matter what it is you no longer have to go through this life alone.

4.  No more weddings alone! For me especially this means I no longer feel obligated to dance to Single Ladies while twerking extra hard and plastering on a huge smile.

hubby was recently a groomsmen and when Beyonce single ladies was played I was all to happy to stay seated

5. So I am just going to say it. No matter how much you make two incomes is just better than one. Sure I had my own money and career and such prior to November 30, 2013 but having his is a bonus!

6. My husband is taller and stronger than me and I LOVE it! So when something is out of reach there is no more climbing on counters or searching for a step stool I simply ask him. Same for opening jars, and other things I struggle with!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Baby Bump Update 32 weeks!

Wow time is really flying by. I am 32 weeks at this point! This lovely maternity outfit is from Khol's (and nope they didn't even pay me to look this cute in their clothes lol!)

How I'm feeling: I am super anxious to meet this little man I have fallen in love with. I'm stressed about my hair lol (I have "gone natural" but that's all for a different post lol). 
How I'm changing: There are more stretch marks popping up because clearly I didn't have enough...
What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This means I don't process sugar well, insulin levels blah blah. I saw this coming though because I was previously diagnosed with PCOS. This means I am no longer giving in to my many cravings and I have become a pin cushion as I prick my dam finger check my sugars 4 times a day.
Total Weight Gained: 239 for a total of 16 pounds
Workouts: If walking up and down the stairs count I'm doing great!
Sleep: This is still a struggle,  I CANNOT get comfortable at night.
Most Exciting Moment: Being told I could email my sugars tot he high risk nutritionist and knowing I can possibly avoid yet another doctor's appointment!
Fun Fact: My baby seems to enjoy music by John Danley (a former co-worker of mine) when I listen to his music the kicks are very constant.

Oh if anyone knows anyone at Khol's have them call me. I make this outfit pop!!! LOL

Monday, September 22, 2014

Five ways to care for your man!!!

So as you all know I got married last November. Well honey let me tell you because no one else will. It is no walk in the park. It is fun but equally trying. Recently I came cross this post about being a better wife. It spoke volumes to my soul this lady said it perfectly for me because being a good wife is something I legit have to work at. It doesn't come naturally to me. I guess I am just wired differently. Please understand I love my husband but its the other stuff that causes me to struggle. 

Later I check my inbox and I see this post again speaking to soul and It made me think, there has to be more than just us struggling with this marriage thing. Why is it so wrong for women to say that they need help being a wife? It doesn't mean there is no love or that there is cheating. It simply means help is needed.

I'm not sure I had a good example of what being good wife is so I did some research by talking to some married friends of mine (like I need a reason to gossip on the phone lol). The number one thing I kept hearing was "you gotta take care of ya man." Well the therapist in me couldn't handle the vague taking care of your man answer. I asked for clarity and here is what they came up with:

SEX- This was the number one answer. Of course I have friends who said that marriage is more than sex, but still the majority said sex

FOOD- Another popular answer was to ensure that there is always dinner or whatever meal your husband may need depending on the shift he works. 

TAKING CARE OF HOME- Another answer I had to dig a little deeper for. This means ensuring the kids are well kept, the house is decent (clean if you stay home), and you have basically filtered out the bullshit that will only increase his load.

BEING SUPPORTIVE-  Encouraging him as the world is tough an men want to and need to know they are doing a good job as the man of the house. This also includes supporting his dreams (even if you feel like being a wife and mom are slowly killing yours because after all you chose this life).

PRAY- So only a few people said this one. I personally think it should be at the top but I am sticking true to what my "married friends" said. This one is a great one. I notice when my hubby and I are praying together daily our relationship is smoother, and things seem to align. As soon as we get too comfortable and slack on the daily prayers together things get rocky.

Photo by Meredith Brown
These things all seem really easy but when you are working and raising children it is easy to fall into a pattern of boring and waiting on Friday. Then Friday comes and you are dog tired and all you can think about is sleep your spouse may go neglected. Then you think Oh we have Saturday but in my case Saturday is packed with youth sports and errands and once again your spouse has gotten the short end of the stick.

All in all marriage is  a hard, winding, two way street that has to be walked if not ran EVERY single day in order to make it work. Hopefully this small list will help some newlywed working mom like it helped me. I am making a genuine effort to do each of these things weekly some are harder than others (that's what she said!!!) just based on weekly incidents but I'm thinking if I do all five in a week he should notice a difference and married life will be a tad easier.

Ok married ladies what are your thoughts??...

Friday, September 19, 2014

I love getting FREE stuff!

Have you heard of Influester? If not get with it lol. I am like a kid waiting for Christmas when I know I a have a box coming. I was able to receive and try these product for free! 

So lets look inside the Vitality Vox Box

Of course I am pregnant and have no immediate use for these but I will definitely be using them when them time comes. Fortunately no one has burned themselves at my house so this I was unable to review also. Still accidents happen and I will be sure to use and review it for you when I get the opportunity.

The Bikini Ready I again could not use due to my pregnancy, but the SOFTLIPS CUBE is EVERYTHING!!!! I love that its cute, but its like wrapping my lips in silk! It smells great too. The Pure Leaf was fabulous as well. I have had the regular flavor in the past but not the lemon. I enjoy lemon in my tea so I really liked it.

I didn't use this either, I have been only using a select few creams, lotions and other topical use items since I have been pregnant. My skin is very sensitive and even more so now that I am sharing my body with someone else.

I seriously loved this  product!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes*

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby Bump Update!!

Hello out there!! I thought it was time to showcase some baby bump picturs as well as journal how I am feeling! Here you have it!

How I'm feeling: During this three week span I was feeling very pregnant and full most of the time.
How I'm changing: My hips are definitely spreading like butter, as if they needed to be any wider lol
What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: Pretty safe to say this is my husbands baby for more reason than one. I am craving all his favorite foods (pizza, hot dogs and other goodness that is all bad for me lol) 
Total Weight Gained:  at the 29 week mark I weighed 239 for a total of 16 pounds gained.
Workouts: This is not happening... I take walks occasionally. I know this is bad and I'm probably setting myself up for failure in delivery but oh well. This will be my last baby so I am enjoying it!
Sleep: This is a main concern of mine lol. I cannot get enough sleep it seems LOL. I am always tossing and turning and my poor husbands says I am SNORING very loudly.
Most Exciting Moment: Feeling baby’s  movements getting stronger.
Fun Fact:  My baby always stops moving right before my mom touches my stomach lol! He is already teasing his grandmom.
Miss Anything?.....

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