Monday, September 29, 2014

6 Practical Reasons Marriage is Awesome!!

Married life definitely comes with ups and downs but I must say there are some things that you appreciate so much more if you are married. As I was thinking about some of the things my hubby and I have been through lately I came up with this fun list of things that makes marriage awesome.

1. Slumber parties with your best friend every night. I love getting into bed and just looking at him and being able to say ANYTHING and it is ok! Trust what happens on this blog (as real as I keep it)  is edited and I use my filter. After about 7pm the filter is broken and my husband listens to me and my thoughts with little to no judgement. I'm sure some nights he is like who did I marry again

2. The sex somehow gets better. Sex is also very important to taking care of your man.. Marinate on that!

me walking into the room      

3. You have a guaranteed partner in crime (spousal privilege lol). No seriously your spouse will go to the chick flick with you and you in turn will go to the sporting events. No matter what it is you no longer have to go through this life alone.

4.  No more weddings alone! For me especially this means I no longer feel obligated to dance to Single Ladies while twerking extra hard and plastering on a huge smile.

hubby was recently a groomsmen and when Beyonce single ladies was played I was all to happy to stay seated

5. So I am just going to say it. No matter how much you make two incomes is just better than one. Sure I had my own money and career and such prior to November 30, 2013 but having his is a bonus!

6. My husband is taller and stronger than me and I LOVE it! So when something is out of reach there is no more climbing on counters or searching for a step stool I simply ask him. Same for opening jars, and other things I struggle with!


  1. LOVE this!!! I agree 1000% on every single point you made!! Happy Monday!!


    1. Thank you so much for reading!!! Happy Monday to you as well!

  2. Love it! Number 6 though lol mine is short

  3. Thank you for reading! LOL at least he can open jars right!

  4. So glad my wife doesn't do chick flicks

    1. LOL if only all men could be so lucky! I personally love a good chick flick... I like action as well though!


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