Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Baby Bump Update 32 weeks!

Wow time is really flying by. I am 32 weeks at this point! This lovely maternity outfit is from Khol's (and nope they didn't even pay me to look this cute in their clothes lol!)

How I'm feeling: I am super anxious to meet this little man I have fallen in love with. I'm stressed about my hair lol (I have "gone natural" but that's all for a different post lol). 
How I'm changing: There are more stretch marks popping up because clearly I didn't have enough...
What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This means I don't process sugar well, insulin levels blah blah. I saw this coming though because I was previously diagnosed with PCOS. This means I am no longer giving in to my many cravings and I have become a pin cushion as I prick my dam finger check my sugars 4 times a day.
Total Weight Gained: 239 for a total of 16 pounds
Workouts: If walking up and down the stairs count I'm doing great!
Sleep: This is still a struggle,  I CANNOT get comfortable at night.
Most Exciting Moment: Being told I could email my sugars tot he high risk nutritionist and knowing I can possibly avoid yet another doctor's appointment!
Fun Fact: My baby seems to enjoy music by John Danley (a former co-worker of mine) when I listen to his music the kicks are very constant.

Oh if anyone knows anyone at Khol's have them call me. I make this outfit pop!!! LOL

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  1. You look great! So funny and awesome about the baby's response to John's music. Your baby is smart and has great taste!


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