Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baby Bump Update 38 Weeks!!!

How I'm feeling: I am excited because this will be my last baby bump update. I am very tired ALL THE TIME!!!

How I'm changing: I am super full all the time. My skin is very itchy. I itch all the time. All it takes is one strand of hair or piece of lint and my whole body itches. Also I sweat EVERYWHERE now...
What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: Contrary to popular belief pregnant women do not sit around and eat all day, there is no room. I get heart burn from water. They tell you to eat and not lie down for 30 minutes. It is more like 2-3 hours for me. Seriously one meal will have me full all day, I eat because I know there is a little human that is relying on me to feed him.

Total Weight Gained: Currently I am 240 for a total weight gain of 17 pounds!!!! I am so happy with this gain. It is not like I was thin before hand so I would be lying if I said weight wasn't a factor for me. Stay tuned for the weight loss story and the snap back LOL. For now I am just enjoying the "glow"
Sleep: Same ole Same ole. Once I'm sleep its all good. It is just finding my zone.

Most Exciting Moment: Having an induction date!!! I have also enjoyed bonding with my husband during this time. We developed a birth plan, and have been taking daily walks to help with labor and just talk.

Fun Fact: Jaden weighs 7 pounds!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

What I Packed in My Hospital Bag

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You guys do know that mini me is almost ten right? So packing a baby bag, and a hospital bag is all foreign territory for me. So I did what any sane mom would do and I searched Pinterest (how did we ever survive without it). Honey there are list on top of list on top more list. It can be quite overwhelming. So here are links to a few of my faves here, here, here, of and here. If those don't give you enough options check out my baby board here.

Personally I either over pack or under pack I can never seem to get it just right. I have usually gone with over packing but eh its the hospital I am bringing home new life I would rather not be bogged down (read: force my hubby to carry more than needed). I decided on the bare minimums. The hospital gave me a list of what they will have including  diapers, wipes, granny mesh panties with pads, blah blah. Plus I wanted room in my bag to take all the goodies, read free stuff, that my insurance has already paid for (diapers, wipes, nasal bulb, alcohol pads).

So here is what I decided to take with me to have baby Jaden.

Toiletries (duh) are a must. I am also taking my own wash cloth because  have heard the hospital's are thin and hard. Also I just feel better about my own wash cloth being on all my body parts. If your like me and need eye wear be sure to pack both contacts and glasses because you never know what is going to happen.

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Not pictured: robe, lots of hair ties, cell phone and charger, gowns, snacks, and mints, change for vending machine, undies, and a nursing pillow, a book, and laptop (the hospital has WIFI)

Side note I am fortunate and the hospital is like 10 minutes away. I am packing super light because I know I can send hubby back out for what I may have forgotten... Also I am doing a separate post on what I am packing for the baby.

What did you pack? Am I missing any essentials???

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Baby Bump update 34 weeks!!!

Hello out there! Check my foot work lol! If I could stay in these house shoes and not get dirty looks I promise I would! Time for the update...


How I'm feeling: I am going to be totally honest and say I'm feeling over it. I'm super ready to meet this baby I am so in love with. Also lets be real I am heavy, have heart burn, tired, unable to recall anything, and I AM BEYOND OVER the doctor visits, and the finger sticking. Before any super moms get in an uproar I am well aware that at this tme the baby needs to bake a little longer I am simply expressing how I feel as I type this...

How I'm changing: I am extremely irritable lately, my body is the same spreading like hot butter. Also my skin is super hot. My daughter told me the  other day I had a fever after she touched me lol.
What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: I really wish I had some more pickles from St Louis (hubby hometown). I am not sure what Kim Lomax (sorry no link as of yet) is doing to these pickles but the flavors are amazing. She has "sweet hot", "spicy garlic" and other AMAZING flavors.
Total Weight Gained: My 34 week weight is 236. This is a total gained of 13 pounds and a 6 pound loss from my highest pregnancy weight. I have mixed emotions about it. I told myself when I got pregnant that I did not want to go over 250 (my goal weight is 150- losing 100 pounds is very intimidating). Then they told me my baby was weighing in small and my vanity went out the window. So again I'm excited  have only gained 13 pounds but concerned about a 6 pound loss... maybe its from being cautious about these sugar levels.

Sleep: Once I get to sleep its great (for me not my husband who says I am snoring extremely loud), the problem is getting to sleep. I have tons of pillows and struggle with heartburn so getting to a comfortable position is not always easy.

Most Exciting Moment: Getting the stroller car seat travel system I wanted!
Fun Fact: I am dilated 2cm... this could mean everything and nothing lol that is what makes it fun!

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