Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baby Bump Update 38 Weeks!!!

How I'm feeling: I am excited because this will be my last baby bump update. I am very tired ALL THE TIME!!!

How I'm changing: I am super full all the time. My skin is very itchy. I itch all the time. All it takes is one strand of hair or piece of lint and my whole body itches. Also I sweat EVERYWHERE now...
What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: Contrary to popular belief pregnant women do not sit around and eat all day, there is no room. I get heart burn from water. They tell you to eat and not lie down for 30 minutes. It is more like 2-3 hours for me. Seriously one meal will have me full all day, I eat because I know there is a little human that is relying on me to feed him.

Total Weight Gained: Currently I am 240 for a total weight gain of 17 pounds!!!! I am so happy with this gain. It is not like I was thin before hand so I would be lying if I said weight wasn't a factor for me. Stay tuned for the weight loss story and the snap back LOL. For now I am just enjoying the "glow"
Sleep: Same ole Same ole. Once I'm sleep its all good. It is just finding my zone.

Most Exciting Moment: Having an induction date!!! I have also enjoyed bonding with my husband during this time. We developed a birth plan, and have been taking daily walks to help with labor and just talk.

Fun Fact: Jaden weighs 7 pounds!!!!

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