Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Mimosa Love

How is it February already? Seriously I was just pushing out my baby boy and deciding if I would post him to social media, next it was New Years and now its February? Wow time is passing by! How is everyone doing on their resolutions? This month on the blog I will be doing a love theme. So all month I will work to create post about some type of love. Lets start with the Superbowl mimosas I made and Loved lol....

 I'm still breastfeeding so I needed something light. I immediately went to Pintrest and the possibilities are endless. So here is how I did mine.

I made the traditional orange juice and Champagne mix first. I love fruit garnish on my drinks so I added grapes to my flute and topped it with a pineapple. I really wanted a strawberry but I didn't have any.

Next I tried it with lemonade. This was great. I will suggest though get the juice with no pulp. I forgot to specify this when my niece went to the store. It wasn't a big deal for me but hubby instantly said "hmm it has pulp in it."

A while ago (like before baby number 2) hubby and I went to brunch where they served unlimited mimosas and one of them had beer in it. So who would I be to deny myself my family the full experience. LOL! Come on I'm the same woman that gave away alcohol shots at her baby shower. Of course I would try it with beer. I liked it. My mom noted that it gave a more "alcohol like taste" she was not a fan of the "sweet girly drink."

One thing to keep in mind is to serve it cold. I noticed when the champagne got a little warm it was not as good to drink.

Judging by this gif of me I really enjoyed myself. 

Does adding couple shots make this post relate to love? If not let me add I will be having a mimosas for Valentines Day sense it was a hit. 

Clearly this was taken before that awful call to throw the ball...

Have you ever had mimosas? Do you enjoy them? What are your favorite ingredients??


  1. I love Mimosa, but oddly I have never made them. I need to get on that asap!!! Yours look delish....and you and your hubby are too cute! 😊

    1. Hey hun thanks for reading!!!! Thank you I really enjoyed making them. It was my first time. I may get a little more fancy next time lol.

  2. I LOVE Mimosas!! That's what we had at our wedding!!!!


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