About Me

Sooooo this is the part where I talk about me.

 *deep sigh* Is that not the point of the blog? LOL Ok let me sum it up. I am a mother to one by birth one and half now that I am expecting, and thousands by profession (I'm a therapist). My daughter is amazing and I'm not totally sure I would be who I am had I not gotten pregnant with her.

I am newly engaged married to my best friend and I am very excited to be his wife we tied the knot 11/30/2013. Jeff is such a blessing to my daughter and I.

This little space on the Internet is where I document my life. I used to focus mainly on weight loss and planning my wedding. Now my life has changed yet again so I'm sure the things I blog about will change as well. I do not consider my blog to have a niche. I blog about whatever is relevant at the time. I think for me a niche would only be limiting.

Oh and since I do a Wellness Wednesday let me say this. While I am a professional these post are not meant to serve as a tool to diagnose yourself. If you need help GO GET IT!!! I do these post because therapy/psychology/wellness is important to me and it is something that I feel does not get enough attention from the masses. I have a BS in psychology, M.ED in counseling. I am NOT A DOCTOR.

There you have a little about me.. click around see what you like feel free to comment I always reply back. Enjoy!!!


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Be blessed!

  2. Aww congratulations on your engagement - I love hearing about women finding a good man! I really look forward to Wellness Wednesdays, I think we could all use it :)
    Have a great weekend xo

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and losing 20 pounds :) Looking forward to read about your Big Day here :)You have a new follower now!

    1. Hello there! Thanks for reading and commenting. You will also hear about the stress of planning!!!


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