Who's Who

So you ever been reading  a blog for so long you feel like part of the family? No just me? whatever...LOL... Since Im a newer blogger and my readership is building slowly I made this page to kinda speed that familiarity process up. Here is who I talk about the most and their many aliases...

My daughter, she is 9, and commonly referred to as Mini me/ Z/ Moosie... she is something like a diva but loves to play soccer LOL

My fiance, HUSBAND commonly referred to as The Mister/ the Boo/ Him/ My guy... he has no idea that he is in for a lifetime of random photo shoots.... he hates it but eh he will adjust LMBO!!!!

My Daddy!!!! The first love of my life!!! Commonly referred to as Pops/My number 1 guy/ Daddy....

FYI she is so faking right here.


  1. This is such a sweet post! It was good getting to know the people in your life here. My honey hates when I take pictures of him...lol! Linking up via the Mini Blog Challenge. #MBC

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by!!! LOL maybe its a guy thing but I LOOOVE pics sooo he will have to deal!


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